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Appointment cancellation policy


Appointment cancellation policy

Dearest clients, 

From the 01.06.2022 I will change my cancellation policy which will be as follows: 

Cancellation within 48-24 hours before will be charged with 50%.
Cancellation within 24 hours will be full charged. 

Furthermore, from 01.06 I am allowed to request a deposit of 30% for treatment reservations to guarantee the time booked.

This kind of policy is generally a standard within my industry even so till now I did not made use of it! 

There are off course certain exceptions for emergencies and illness. 
I do keep a cancelation list but sometimes it still can be difficult to fill last minute slots. If I can fit someone else in the cancelled slot obviously I will not charge my client any cancellation fee! 😊

This policy guarantees my clients that I can continue to keep my prices! 🙏

I am sure you understand! 🙏🌸

Yours sincerely ❤️

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