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Ageing can wait & beautiful skin is no coincidence!



I would like to introduce myself briefly and tell you a little more about myself. I'm Manuela de Oliveira and I'm German, born in 1972 and grew up in a small town near Hanover in Germany.

I am a certified Beautician/Aesthetician since 1993.

Since summer 2016 I have been living with my husband and our three children in the beautiful Algarve near Almancil.
I have four children, but my eldest daughter has stayed in Germany to follow in mum's footsteps and finished her two year beautician course in September (2021).
Because of my own attention to wrinkles, I tried different products as I got older. From expensive creams to botox, also hyaluron injections and I would have to lie, a lot really worked!


That is why I decided in 2018 to specialise myself in anti-aging treatments and started and completed several advanced training courses in Germany. I am certified for all treatments that I perform and have successfully completed my training at a large, well-known academy in Germany. Learning on people and not just on the computer!! In my opinion, this is very important to mention now a days.

After finishing all my trainings in the Anti Ageing field in early 2019 I teamed up with another cosmetic studio in Almancil to offer my treatments. The dream of owning a own studio wasn't far away.
In January 2020 I opened my own studio with my friend Grit which moved to Portugal from Germany. As Grit has to travel a lot we decided in September 2021 that I will manage and own the business alone and Grit, if she is in the country will support me if necessary.


Of course, the right cosmetic products are also part of a successful treatment. I work with the products from Dr. Juchheim from Germany. Every single product penetrates deeply into our skin layers and does not only work on the surface. Clients that trust this products will not be disappointed as they really work! Speak to me if you thinking of changing your cosmetic products.

I think you have a little idea about me and you can be 100% sure that as soon as you enter my salon you will be welcomed and given the most honest advise, best possible treatment & aftercare from a professional beautician at fair prices!

Ageing can wait & beautiful skin is no coincidence!

Yours sincerely

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Who is Dr. JUCHHEIM?

Dr. med. Jürgen Juchheim is a doctor with own practice in the center of Munich for more than 35 years. His emphasis in the field of esthetic medicine as well as regenerating medicine and immunolgy are not a contradiction to him.


This expresses his conviction that outer beauty with inner well-being and balance have to be combined. "But only then a person is attractive and indeed beautiful, independent from age and life circumstances".

What is The Dr. Juchheim-Method?

A unique combination of science, artistry and selected agents. This leads to amazing synergie with instant effect and long term younger appearance of the skin.


Who else but Dr. Juchheim would travel to the end of the world and synchronize the active ingredients in many years of precision work in order to preserve your most precious good - timeless beauty and inner well-being. Take the chance today for the first step to a younger look and a happy charisma.

All products I recommend to my clients I am using myself, that’s why I can recommend with my heart and stand with my name for it!

You will love it immediately after applying.

We have for every improvement a solution!

Tell me what you like to improve and I recommend you the best possible cream treatment.

Let’s meet and you can smell and try it out!

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